The KotOR Comparison Prologue: An Introduction

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….
God that LucasArts logo is unsightly…

Drunkenness is a beautiful and sometimes necessary thing, especially when it comes to a Christmas Eve spent with perhaps one of the most interesting and frustratingly incomplete products of the entire Star Wars franchise; Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Developed by Obsidian and released in 2004, TSL follows the last of the Jedi exiled from the Jedi Order as he/she attempts to reconnect to the Force and save the galaxy, all while gunning down or helping obscene amounts of people, winning or losing obscene amounts of money through bullshit games of Pazaak and heeding or ignoring obscene amounts of advice from some of the most ambiguous and complex characters in Star Wars’ history. Of course it’s impossible to talk about TSL without talking about its predecessor; one of the best games of 2003 and one of the best Star Wars games ever made; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.¬†Bioware’s sci-fi masterpiece has everything; force powers, multiple saber types, the fantastic ability to choose one’s alignment, wonderful characters, memorable environments, great music, solid voice acting, and an overall engaging and enrapturing experience. Despite incredibly similar gameplay make no mistake, these games are fundamentally different in practically all other areas, and I’m going to attempt to explain the whys and the hows and the whats of it all.
The Prodigal Knight (Revan) versus the Dark Lord of Hunger (Nihilus) Who is better?

Welcome to the KotOR Comparison; a series of blog posts where I will (to the best of my amateur ability) compare and contrast both KotORs and hopefully come to a conclusion of which one is truly the better game. There may be slight bias due to my history with both; I’ve played and finished KotOR well over 30 times (probably more… what can I say? I did it all for the Wookies) since I started playing it over 10 years ago. It is without a doubt my favourite game of all time. Comparatively, I completed TSL once when I was 16 and didn’t touch it again for 4 years because it was such a disappointing unfinished slog compared to the original. I have just finished my second playthrough with the restored content mod installed and I can safely say the experience was infinitely better. I’m currently starting a light side male playthrough so this will serve as more of a comparison of the two as I learn more about the sequel and why so many on the Reddit boards claim it to be better game. Hopefully we’ll learn some new stuff…. about Star Wars, about video games and maybe even about ourselves….. Lol jk no, this is literally just going to be me sorting through my thoughts on two games that mean a lot to me and categorising them for convenience sake, and I am probably going to write most of these while at least mildly intoxicated. May the Force be with us all….

PS: Hurrah for overly ambitious first posts!!


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